Frame rate problem


I recently shot video which was supposed to all be a 24fps and, somehow (don’t ask why or how), I accidentally shot some of the footage at 30fps. I used 5dtoRGB to turn my raw footage into a ProRes codec at 24fps. It worked perfectly as far as the video is concerned but now I have audio at a different length and there are major sync problems. Can I use Audacity to rectify this situation?

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Concerned Noob

You should be able to do a straight sampling rate conversion since the real time progression of the show is the same for video and audio. Ten seconds of time went by for both even though the capture may have been a little screwy.


In the US, 30 isn’t 30. It’s television rate of 29.97003. And you can get into even more troubles if you shot it 44100 sample rate and imported it at the television rate of 48000.

So pick a ten second segment and tell us which one is ahead and by how much.


It worked perfectly as far as the video is concerned

Probably not. The program probably just played back each frame longer to force it to come out 24. The show got longer. If you don’t do that, you’re forced into splitting frames, motion blur, and other picture damage. You should try just changing track speed in Audacity by 24/30 (0.8). See if that doesn’t come out closer.