Fractional BPM in Change Tempo effect

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Oh yes I remember someone was going on that he wanted fractional BPM support in that effect (length is not truncated).

Should Change Tempo not prevent non-integer BPM input, or better, support fractional BPM?


I’ve sent you a patch for fractional BPM support, though note that SoundTouch is not very accurate so allowing fractional BPM does not mean that you will be able to achieve super-accuracy in the stretch length.

Thanks for the patch. It compiled on Windows, but seemed like the old behaviour, even though I removed the build directory first. I’ll have to try it again.

On Ubuntu, it seems fine - a change on a second decimal place BPM affects the outcome length.

How about rounding the displayed length to three decimal places, like BPM?


That may be implying greater accuracy than is actually achieved by SoundTouch. When applied to a 30 second audio clip the returned audio is likely to be a few milliseconds out - even hundredths of a second may be a little ambitious.

It’s OK now on Windows.