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I don’t know if this forum software supports such a thing, but it would be nice if there were a way to tell from the top level “Board Index” page which of the categories have new posts. (In the same way that the little icon on the left turns red for threads or sub-forums with new posts.)

Where on the front page does it not work?


Well maybe I’m just missing it.

On the forum pages it’s real obvious the little circle icon on the far left turns red if there are unread posts.

But on the "Board index" page that spot it taken up by different icons (presumable intended to help identify the forum section) but I don’t see any obvious indication of unread posts at that level.

There is a “last post” stat on the far left, but that’s not quite the same thing.

Correct. :wink:

It’s subtle. Note the thin border around those icons. If it’s red then there are unread posts. If it is blue then you have read all of the posts on that board. (only works when you are logged in).

In my browser there’s no border at all.

After this screen capture I checked a few:

Audacity in Education – nothing new (in fact nothing)
Audiobook authors – nothing new
Audio Technology – new posts
Making Music – new posts
Podcasting new posts

It’s probably not very relevant, because the forum software only shows “unread” topics on the index page, not “new” topics. Being that there are tens of thousands of topics, it’s quite likely that they would all show red borders even if you could see them, so not very useful except for forum moderators and admin anyway.
What browser are you using?

The software does have the ability to list the most recent topics on the front page, but given that this is quite a large forum, that would make the front page very cluttered, and we’re trying to avoid that.

If there are any forum boards that you are particularly interested in, you can subscribe to those boards (see the bottom of the relevant page), then you should be notified by e-mail when there is a new topic.

“unread” is good enough. It’s easy enough to use the “mark all topics read” function if need be.

Browser is Firefox 32.0.2 running under Windows 7.

I also tried Firefox running under Centos 6.5, and Window Internet Explorer with similar results.

Is it possible the thin boxes you describe are only show to list admins?

Testing with a standard account, it does seem that a normal “Registered User” cannot see the thin boxes round the icons.


That’s strange, because the first thing I did on reading this topic was to try the “Test out user’s permissions”. According to that everything is OK :confused:
I’ve now tested by fully logging in with a regular user account, and you’re right, no border.

I’ll look into this when I get a few moments…

Good guess, and very close. It is indeed to do with access permissions, just a little more complicated.
The borders should now be visible to registered users.

I can confirm that, thanks Steve.


Works for me as well.
Thanks guys!

You’re welcome. :wink: Thanks for the feedback.