Forum way too complicated

I was dumb enough to go to the “Read Me” link posted on the front page. I fell for the “how to post a message” which takes you to like some 5 other links on all this “vital information” on how to post.

It’s a forum for a recording program, not NASA. Even on this page, we have what, 30 emoticons??? The site is overly busy, overly complicated.

Just my opinion.

Thanks for the feedback.
How would you simplify it?
I guess the smilies could go, but a lot of people like smilies :smiley:
(by the way, there’s 24 smiles)

Actually it’s a forum for a multi-track editing program - much more complicated than just a “recording program” - that’s why the Manual is becoming so big and complicated: :sunglasses:

And rocket-science ain’t that complicated either - despite the common aphorism … :ugeek:

If you think we have a lot of emoticons you should see one of my motorcycle forums


I agree completely. How about a single box with a single instruction? ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE AND SOMEONE WILL ANSWER IT.________________________

That doesn’t help people on a particular operating platform or who have an interest in audio processing who want to browse topics of interest to them.

One major purpose of archiving and categorising questions and answers is so that some users will find answers here without having to post. There is of course “search” but it is sometimes useful to browse to pick up all manner of useful tips and advice.


I would like to submit an Audacity bug.

When I try, I am asked for an account/password which appears to differ from this forum account.

Please give me the steps to create an Audacity Bugzilla account.

Thanks, :slight_smile:

Users are not allowed to post on Audacity Bugzilla.

If you really have a bug to report, please either post it here or e-mail our feedback address.


That should be the definition of “Online Forum” in Websters. The amount of useful information in this community is priceless. I enjoy cross referencing comments as well as questions till the “light bulb” gets lit. p.s. I am glad you kept the :smiley: 's.

I agree completely. How about a single box with a single instruction? ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE AND SOMEONE WILL ANSWER IT.________________________

We should remember this isn’t a help desk. It’s a forum. The goal is users helping each other. Nobody would log into a service with several hundred thousand uncategorised questions.

Audacity doesn’t have a paid version which might have a help desk.


I agree, want to send a shout to Steve for getting me into the forums, phewwwwwwwwwwwwww, trying to log into these forums are getting harder than getting simple questions. I made a username and password, went to my email to validate everything, went to sign and got booted for too many attempts. And trust me I know my passwords, I can type them blindfolded. Is there a way that I can change my password from the one that Steve assigned? And is there a place to look at my profile? To see the email address that I used. I am sure I used a Gmail account but had the password to sign in sent to a Yahoo account which are both mine. But I want all the stars to align. Thank you. Then I will post in the forum when this is taken care of. Thanks again to Steve.

You’re welcome. Glad we were able to help.

Click on the link for “User Control Panel” near the top left of the forum.Then select “profile” and then “Edit account settings”.

Well now that I have a password that was given to me, how do I change it, how do I see my profile and what email address is associated with the account.

Please read my previous reply.

thank you again to Steve and others who helped me out, I checked my profile settings and changed my password to one that I want. I really wanted to get rid of the one that was assigned to me to get into the forum, hate having them sit in my email account. thank you

All points raised in this topic appear to have been addressed, so I’ll close this topic now.