Forum Test Clip

Running v.2.3.2 on macOS Mojave 10.14.5

It’s “PattyDaddy” if you’re after the Saturday Morning Cartoon version of your name.

Are you testing for audiobook reading? It’s good to say that at the top.

If you are, you violated some of the instructions.

I can hear a lip smack in the first two seconds, so you didn’t freeze and hold your breath. Go down the side-links. It tells you not to use “testing one two three.”

The reading volume is almost too low. I can rescue the clip to standards, but I shouldn’t have to “rescue” it. That and there is an air conditioner or ventilation fan in the background. It’s too low pitch for computer noise, but I guess it could be that. This is the noise boosted. What in your room could make that noise?

I don’t care so much about the slight hiss (ffffff). I think that’s normal microphone noises.

The English version of the -60dB noise standard is background or room noise 1000 times quieter than your voice.

All home readers fail noise. It is written somewhere.

Nice voice.


This is a fuzzy rule of thumb. Sit where you would be announcing. Can you tell if your computer is on just by listening?

Kiss of death.