Forum Names: Add BETA to headings

I’d like to suggest altering the names of the unstable sub-forums.

Currently, since the stable and un-stable sub-forum categories are identical, it can be extremely easy to inadvertently post to the wrong forum. This would also be useful in the case of searches where only the sub-forum name is posted.

I would like to suggest changing the sub-categories to:

Downloading and Failed Installation Issues (BETA)
Windows (BETA)
GNU/Linux and Unix-like (BETA)
General Feedback and Discussion (BETA)

This system would at least make it a little clearer to the poster exactly what forum he is in.

plus my vote


I don’t know … the “1.2.x” and “1.3.x” designations seem pretty apparent to me. I’d want to keep those, but would have no objections to “unstable” being changed to “Beta”.

– Bill

The 1.2.x and 1.3.x designations should be clear enough, but if adding (BETA) would cut down the number of posts in the wrong forum, then I would be in favour. However it will need to change as soon as Audacity 2.0 (stable) comes out.
Will Audacity 1.2.x still be supported on the forum?
What about old posts in the 1.2.x forum - perhaps the suffix (obsolete).

Yeah, that occurred to me too.

  • my vote for adding “obsolete” to the 1.2.x forum after 2.0 is released.

– Bill