Forum Links need updating

The links in “Find quick answers in our Tips, Tutorials and Documentation!” are no longer pointing to the correct web pages.
And the Logo image on the forum header is missing.

The Documentation link is completely correct. Given we have redirects in place from to for obvious reasons, I’ve never bothered to update those. Easy enough to do so for the Forum, so I’ve done that now. Are you saying the redirect was failing again? It was doing so intermittently yesterday.

I had noticed :astonished: but not had time to look into it.

I’m not sure what the problem was. The file on the server was still there and overall_header.html had not been changed. The link went to:

which fails, yet if you go to:

the redirect to:

works. Anyway the link is now to:

which should work as there is no redirect. We can’t simply use the LOGO syntax to use the installed logo because that doesn’t allow (as far as I know) the use of a tooltip or target=blank.