Forum Access

It’s actually getting worse. I’ve been trying to break into the forum on and off since 11a Pacific and I finally just kept at it long enough to succeed. It’s 1pm.

I’m connecting to the forum with one browser tab and starting another one immediately to go check mail while I’m waiting. The first tab only succeeds about half the time. The other times I get one of the connection errors (after a long time-out), so I reset it and go back to the second tab and go watch my house on Google Earth and read the Times of London.

I know the forum is on shared services and facilities, but they do have to actually work.


It’s been getting pretty bad here as well - lots of "500 Server Error"s

Thursday 12th Feb 5.30pm GMT to Friday 13th 2.00am GMT I was unable to access the forum, and by the small number of new posts it looks like I was not the only one to have trouble.

Let me know how it works now. I’ve applied a patch to phpBB’s session.php file, moving some of the regex logic into the SQL query instead of using php’s regex functions. Should be more scalable now.

Let me know if you find more issues! :slight_smile:

The forum access time here in LA dropped from days to about three seconds.
Write down what you did.


I’ve missed all of the outage, as I have been withouut broadband, and hence t’interweb, for 15 days afer moving house!

But the initial load and logout, both of which could be very slow previously, now seem to be much snappier to load. So fingers crossed and let’s hope it’s fixed.