It’s been awhile since I have used Audacity. I have it on an HP laptop running Windows 7. In the past I have made some CD’s from my cassette deck and turntable using a Behringer 202 (usb interface). Anyway, I have installed the latest version of Audacity and I have watched bunches of tutorial videos on Utube, but I can not figure out how to set-up my recording device and when I click on monitoring the recording volume, it is either too loud or non-existant. Please help!

There is no analog recording-level control on the UCA202 and as far as I know the [u]Recording Volume Slider[/u] won’t work with it either. :frowning: (The analog volume has to be reduced before it hits the analog-to-digital converter in the interface.)

How “loud” is it? i.e. Run the Amplify effect to see if you have any headroom… If Amplify defaults to 0dB amplification (no change) then the data is probably clipped (distorted). If it defaults to any positive amplification, you’ve got headroom and you are OK. (You can cancel the effect without applying it if you wish.)

Make sure Windows [u]Microphone Boost[/u] is turned OFF. (I don’t actually think you’ll see that option for the Berhinger interface.)

What are you recording from, and does that device have a volume control? If you’re connected to a line-output with no volume control, is there a headphone-out?

If you have no way of controlling the volume you can get an [u]in-line volume control[/u].

Hi Doug-
I still can’t figure this out. It used to work fine without any in-line volume control and I like K.I.S.S.
Thank you for your reply.