For Effective Aid

Below is a Google translation of a new post on the French forum. I liked it, so here it is:

New postby brochec "Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:22 pm

For Effective Aid
Think carefully describe your problem: no one else is in front of your computer.
Describe your setup (fixed or mobile, Mac / PC, sound card and possibly memory, hard disk, etc …) and your system (Mac OS X, Windows 98/XP/Vista, Linux (distribution)

Problems: the solutions
Any problem with the sound card:
Do Edit> Preferences and go to tab audio I / O to select your soundcard as playback device and recording.
Audacity can not use the input / output of your computer. For example, it can not “invent” a line for a laptop which is lacking.

It is not unusual to have to wait a few days, even if we do our best. But if you do not see something coming, do not hesitate to revive, it is not impossible to pass a message.
Problem solved
If your question has been answered, thank you you to add [Solved] in the title of your 1st post.
Do not forget to make a little feedback or send a thank you if the aid has been useful. This is the reward (and salary) of contributors who are all volunteers.

Christian Brochec
Audacity’s french translator / translator french Audacity
French support / Support francophone

Most excellent.