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about 10 years ago, i used to record a karaoke track on audacity from a karaoke website. today i tried to download a karaoke track on audacity and when i tried to play the track, all i got was a very scratching like sound and i could even hear my own voice in the background. If you can give me a step by step instructions on how to download a karaoke track on audacity and then save that track as a project. i am addressing my post to the administrator so i don’t be embarrassed by others. i am using focusrite as my sound card. thank you in advance for your help.

This is a tutorial about recording audio playing on the computer.


thank you very much.

It is a public forum. We can’t stop anyone seeing or replying to your post. There are lots of novice and “I forgot how to” posts so you are in good company. :wink: