Foot Pedals

Is it possible to use foot pedals with Audacity? I am transcribing a courtroom hearing and Audacity was recommended by a court reporter. I was having terrible background hiss and this seems to clear it up much better than what I was using. However, I need my keyboard hyperkeys for the stenotype program and need to use a foot pedal while transcribing/editing. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Only if the foot pedal can emulate key presses. Audacity supports a wide range of keyboard shortcuts: Commands and Keyboard Shortcut Reference - Audacity Manual

You don’t need to use a foot pedal with Audacity. You can open your file in Audacity and use Audacity to reduce the background noise. You would then save your file, close Audacity, and open your file in whatever software you use to transcribe. I use Express Scribe.