Font Size for Visually Impaired

Is there any way to increase the font size in Audacity. You can increase the scaling in windows (mine is 175%) and MAKE TEXT BIGGER slider to 156%, but the thing struggle with is the labelling font size on all the functions. Many look like 4pt.

Windows zoom is OK_is_ but text is rendered unsharp.

I know its a long shot, but Muse might look into the matter and come up with something.

Muse won’t do anything other than develop and support their software.
Audacity is developed by the Audacity team, and other contributors from the wider Audacity community.

Audacity and Muse are two unrelated apps.
(MuseScore is part of “Muse Group”, as is Audacity, but MusE is not.)

So, it’s tough luck then. No way to scale up the fonts used in Audacity’s function labels.

The Audacity developers are working on improving HiDPI support. This will include improvements to font scaling.

Now that would make headlines among the visually impaired community. In addition would attract a lot of positive publicity.