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Hi All
I have a windows 7 professional with Dell computer 4 GB RAM 2.7 GHz processor and using Audacity 2.12 if recently downloaded

I am able to record a guitar track but when I add as second track for voice and listen with headphones to the guitar track (so I know where I am in the song), the guitar track records along with the voice, which is not what I want. I tried playing around the the Preferences under Devices but none seem to allow me to just record voice on the second track while I just want to hear but not rerecord the first guitar track.

I know this is pretty basic; nevertheless I can’t move forward unless I have “clean tracks” to work with.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated,


using Audacity 2.12 if recently downloaded

Really and truly? Audacity doesn’t make a version 2.12.

I know this is pretty basic; nevertheless I can’t move forward unless I have “clean tracks” to work with.

It’s not basic. It’s a special condition and machine setup called “Overdubbing.”

You didn’t say how you got the music into the computer, but if it’s a simple recording system with no “Zero Latency Monitoring,” you’re going to have latency and delay problems. In English, your headphone sound is going to be off-time from where it needs to be and you pretty much can’t stop it. I think the manual addresses that briefly.

If you make it through the manual and special setups and still have sound in the wrong places, post back.


sorry but please add to yesterday’s message

I uses a Scarlett 212 Focusrite for a usb mic input

I tried to troubleshoot at Edit-- Preferences-- Record but did not help to screen out first track when recording voice track
When I tried to use the Software playthrough option, and record, I get a loud constant noise that is recorded, nothing else

thanks again

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What does that mean? That you have a mic that connects separately to the computer with a USB cable and you use 2i2 just as a playback device?

Or that it’s an XLR mic connected to the 2i2?