Folders for export

Please forgive me if my question is in the wrong Group…

I often use Audacity for converting wav-files to Flac and I’d like the program to save the exported files in the same folder as where it is read (the source) from and then I’d like Audacity to delete the source files.

Is that possible? I cant find the settings.

I believe Audacity Chains defaults to a sub-folder for safety reasons. If your process fails and Chains automatically deletes the originals, you’re stuck. You object to needing to select the originals and deleting them?


A sub folder will do too - but I can’t see where to set that setting.

I drag the files into Audacity and use Export more (or what ever it’s named in English) and then I suggest the last used export folder :-/

Sorry, I’m just waking up. You don’t use Chains? Chains is the Audacity batching language. You create a Chain for the process you want, point Chains at a pile of files you want to process and go to tea. There is the possibility that Chains does not support Export to FLAC. We should look.

Chains is a painful tool for the designers because each step that Chains needs has to be programmed. Each effect or filter has to be programmed to “know” what Chains wants and how to do it. Chains has only recently been more or less universal in that most things that most people want to do are supported. It’s possible that Export is still a shadow zone.

And yes. There’s something about the export destination that’s a little magic. Either Last Export Destination doesn’t stick or it sticks the wrong way… Something.


Sorry it’s not possible if the source directory changes all the time. Audacity just exports to the folder it last exported to. I will record your “vote” for this feature.

Again, it’s a feature request. Audacity cannot delete the source files.

The Chains feature Koz mentioned will actually export to the folder the files came from, but inside a “Cleaned” folder within the source folder.

You could use dBpoweramp. It can save to the source folder and you can add an “action” to delete the source file.