Folder not "remembered" after each recording


My current OS is Mavericks, I’m using Audacity 2.0.5 installed via DMG.

Previously, (last version of Audacity and OSX) if I was recording and saving a series of “projects” during one session, Audacity would automatically return to the folder it was saving each project in (in this case the same folder for all projects). Now, it does not do this consistently.

For example, I save the first recording in, say “Projects” folder, and after recording the next one, “Documents” is shown as the folder to save to.


Now, it does not do this consistently.

What’s inconsistent about it?

As described, if I am recording a series of projects one after another, in the same recordings session, sometimes (intermittently), Audacity tries to save a project to a folder other than the first one used during that session. It didn’t used to do this.