Folder creation problem


I have this problem for some time and had hoped that it would be fixed in the new version. But it’s still here.

  1. Drag & Drop a file from a folder on the desktop into Audacity.
  2. Work with it, normalize it, export it.
  3. Delete / Move the folder with the files

And now the problem: When I use now the “Macro” function, Audacity creates this folder from step 1 again. Without asking. When I delete this folder and use the Macro function again (which I do very often) the folder is there again!

Please fix this.

I can’t follow your description.
I got this far:

  1. A folder on my Desktop called “abc”
  2. A file in that folder called “music.wav”
  3. Launch Audacity
  4. Open the folder “abc” and drag the file “music.wav” into Audacity
  5. Export from Audacity to create a new file called music2.wav in the Desktop folder “abc”
  6. Close Audacity
  7. Change the name of the desktop folder from “abc” to “abcd”
  8. Launch Audacity again
  9. now what?

When I do that Audacity creates an folder on my desktop from some weeks ago.

When you do what?
Are you saying that if you do steps 1 to 8 as described in my previous post, the folder “Sheet Pan” is created at step 8? :confused:


It is simple: When I use drag and drop a file from a folder, Audacity is using this folder as default and when I delete it und use the Macro function Audacity creates this folder again if it not already exists. And this is the problem.

If it helps: maybe I can use a screen capture program and post a video from it?

So it does not happen with my steps 1 to 8?

It happens when I use the macro function afterwards, as i wrote in my first post.
Sorry, it’s not easy to explain that in english. :frowning:

Look at this video:

(The folder “If Your Girl Only Knew” is from yesterday.)

So the folder “001” is being created when you click on the “files” button in the Macro dialog. Is that correct?
I can’t reproduce this on Linux. Perhaps it’s a Windows 10 thing.

Yes, that’s it.

Sounds like this bug (or similar to it) that we already have logged: Windows: previously deleted folders are unnecessarily re-created on next Save



Yeah, sounds very similar.

I added a link to this Forum thread to the Bugzilla entry:


Tested on Windows 10 and I can reproduce the problem.

What’s happening is that when the Audacity “File Import”, or “Macro > Files” dialog is opened, if the last used Import folder does not exist, Audacity is creating it. This should not happen (other applications don’t appear to do this on Windows).

I’ve logged to bug here:

Thank you very much!

Any news about this bug? Will it be fixed in the next version?

You can view the current status at any time here:

Thank you.

Not fixed in the new version. :frowning: