Focusrite Saphire 14. Can't select correct input

Thanks. However I’m not a programmer.

Neither am I. But I can still compile Audacity using Missing features - Audacity Support . :sunglasses:


Hello, as per my IP
Does anyone know whether channel mapping now possible on Audacity for Mac ?

Not possible unless you build Audacity.

If you want to know about new features in releases I suggest you sign up to our announcements list at the bottom of then look in the advertised Release Notes for each new version.


Can someone compile channel mapping for me?
I’ll pay.
Garage band is driving me nuts. Basic cut & paste etc etc can’'t find how to do
Audacity is much nicer to use

Are you sure that patch does what you want? Read its description carefully. It was not a finished patch. You will have to quit Audacity then modify audacity.cfg in TextEdit using the correct syntax to set the channel mapping.

If the patch no longer compiles with current Audacity then it will be time consuming for someone who regularly compiles Audacity to go back to Audacity at the time of the patch. To begin with they will have to recompile the previously supported version of wxWidgets.

You may be better to send a PM to the developer who wrote the patch and encourage him to resume work on it.


Dear Gale
Thanks for your reply
I’ve no idea what you are saying as I’m not technical.
What patch are you referring to ?
I’m not aware of a patch to make input mapping possible on the Mac.
Not sure I even know what a patch is !
& I don’t know a developer.

As I wrote in Focusrite Saphire 14. Can't select correct input - #18 by Gale_Andrews


Can’t you remap inputs in the routing matrix in Saffire MixControl?

Or has my memory gone bonkers again and is this only available on the newer units? :unamused:

Hi, Does anyone know if it’s now possible to map inputs on the latest version of Audacity ?

There is no input mapping in Audacity 2.1.3.

On Linux the Jack Audio System can be used to map inputs and outputs. There are a couple of versions of Jack Audio System for mac, but from a quick Google search they look to be experimental and may not work on Sierra.

Another possibility, it might be possible to configure Soundflower to provide input mapping.

(Windows has the biggest problem as input/output mapping is usually done with ASIO, but Audacity cannot be shipped with ASIO support enabled due to licensing restrictions.)

Thanks for your reply. That’'s disappointing.

What is a mystery to me is why is it OK with Garage band ?
Defaults to ch 1 & 2

Every sound card that I’ve used with Audacity defaults to channels 1 and 2. It’s a mystery to me why your set-up does not do that, but I don’t have a firewire Focusrite sound card to test.

The analogue outs on the Saffire pro 14 are Ch 1&2 & 3&4

The spdif output is on CH 5&6 so that’s where it appears with audacity

And that is confirmed that spdif out is on 5&6 by Focusrite technical support.

Yet bizarrely it appears on CH1&2 in Garageband !

Which is handy for anyone who likes Garageband

But I do not !

Hi Steve
You mention -‘‘Every sound card that I’ve used with Audacity defaults to channels 1 and 2. It’s a mystery to me why your set-up does not do that, but I don’t have a firewire Focusrite sound card to test.’’

A] Is this with Mac ?
B] Is this when using SPDIF into the cards ?
C] If so then please can you let me know make & models of cards that will route spdif input to CH 1&2 on Audacity

Many thanks


No. Digital inputs usually come after the analog inputs.

So in a nutshell Audacity is not usable on main channels [1&2] with spdif inputs !
This is a big drawback.
Such a shame as I really like Audacity
How much work would be involved to make inputs mappable ?
I’m not any kind of developer BTW.
However I’d be prepared to pay a developer to sort this out
For a price within reason of course
Any takers ?

Mapping audio I/O is on the “to do” list, but I believe it is a major, and difficult job.

Have you looked in the AudioMIDI Setup application?
“Finder > Go > Utilities > AudioMIDI Setup”

What devices are listed and how are they listed?

Can you attach the contents of Help > Audio Device Info… top right of Audacity then we can see what devices Audacity sees. Please see how to attach files to forum posts.

Have you tried in Audio MIDI Setup making a two channel aggregate device with your S/PDIF channels 5 and 6 as channels 1 and 2? You could then set Audacity to record from that aggregate device.