Focusrite Red Suite plugins

Does anyone have experience with the Focusrite Red Suite plugins? I got five of them included with the Scarlett interface. I’m recording an audiobook and want to do my own mastering. A foolish plan for a newbie, granted, but audiobooks are much simpler than multitrack music. I only plan on using the EQ, the compressor and maybe the gate. I have an Audio-Technica 2020 condenser and the Scarlett interface. My raw tracks are nice and quiet. The room is around -50 db. The analyse/contrast tool shows a difference between silence and voice of 39.3. I think I need to normalize, then EQ, then compress, but what settings I should start with is a mystery. says that they want minimal effects, but I’ve listened to samples of professionally narrated books on their site and I hear some effects. I think what they mean is don’t overdo it.