focusrite 4i4

I just bought a focusrite 4i4 pre-amp and wanted to connect it to audacity. (I use audacity 2.3.3. on my notebook with Ubuntu 18.04)
Well, folks, I love Linux but sometimes it really makes things difficult.

Any ideas how I can get the focusrite 4i4 3rd gen up and running under ubuntu audacity. Yes, I have jack installed, but nothing else. I use a Marantz Pro MPM-1000 Mic and I just do not get all the tools together.

Would be very grateful for any support,

How far have you got ?
Is the device recognised by your computer? Can you play audio out of it? Does it appear in the audio mixer?

Google search suggest that the device should work in “class compliant” mode out of the box. The advanced features are not officially supported on Linux, though I see some people are trying to hack them.

Dear Steve,
thanks a lot for your fast response. Yes, I can play audio out of it (at least it works for the xlr input) but the rest is not working. Searching the internet I found out, that the smaller versions from as focusrite (up to 2i2) and the older version (up to 2nd Gen) will work under Linux, but this one is tricky because there are no more knots, everything is controlled through software.
As I am far away from being a Linux pro (nor want to become one :wink: I think, I will give up and move to an easier version (behringer mixer) which does not ask for any additional drivers. That should do.

Thanks again,
Steffen (from Germany)

P.S. What I truly like with Linux is the incredibly helpful community :slight_smile:

What is “the rest” that you are referring to?
Under “class compliant” mode you should be able to get 2 in / 2 out.

acually there should be 4 in and I only got the 2 xlr running. Also the out was tricky. I could connect an external source as output, but could not link it to my computer speakers via the usb input.
The problem is also that I can not switch the xlr-multi input away from xlr to line in. Therefore you need the software.

That sounds about right for class compliant mode.

Your options if you need the additional features are:

  • Use Windows
  • Search the Internet and find someone that has hacked drivers to support the advanced features on Linux.

Thanks again Steve,
well Windows is no option. So I guess, I will switch to another mixer with no drivers. simple ones with just one USB out will do.

Besides: I found also this thread:
Basically, they also gave up :wink: