fluttering noise on playback

version 2.13, came with a cassette to MP3 player I got off ebay. Obnoxious “fluttering” or drumming noise over the music on the tape. Tried, homemade tape, commercially produced tape, Windows 10 PC, Windows 7 PC. Generic device, made in China. I really wanted it to work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Return it and buy something else! :stuck_out_tongue: Cassette players are getting rare but [u]this one[/u] is probably better than the one you bought.

…That sounds like an analog problem, but did you check the headphone output?

There are lots of posts here on the forum from people having trouble with those cheap USB Cassette players (various brands.) I seems like the most common problem is a bad USB port.

If you get a “regular” USB player without USB you can plug the line-outputs or headphone output into line-in (blue) on a regular soundcard. If you have a laptop with no line-in you’d need an audio interface with line inputs. (The Behringer UCA 202 or UCA 222 is about $40 USD.) Do NOT buy a regular “USB soundcard” because they are like laptops with only microphone-in and headphone-out.