Flute note not recorded after about 1.5 seconds

I am using the latest version of Audacity with windows 8.1. I recently added Audacity to my Win 8.1 machine. When I try to record a flute note longer than about 1.5 seconds the amplitude of the note is suppressed. Any ideas of a cause and hopefully a fix??? Thank you

That’s automatic noise suppression. Human voices are constantly changing, so it’s a safe bet that if you have a musical tone hanging around for too long, it’s probably noise and the system gets rid of it. Systems like that hate music.

Your microphone or microphone system can do that and Windows can certainly do that. Right click the speaker icon in the lower right and dig down to the sound recording setups and adjustments. Turn off anything that has “auto” in its name.

If you sing one single note for too long, the system may try to get rid of you, too.



Thanks for helping out. My homemade flutes are marvelous singers which means I do not have to try.
I have not figured anything out yet and will keep at it. There seems to be a history of ideas for this issue reported here in the past.