Flatpak play head problem with 3.4.1 - SOLVED

I am running the flatpak edition of Audacity on a Chromebook under Crostini. I had version 3.4.0 which was working properly. Today I updated it to version 3.4.1 and have a display problem with the play head. In default mode, it does not move reliably with the audio. It seems to move in spurts, sometimes not moving at all. But if I select “pin head” everything behaves as it should. 3.4.0 did not have this problem.

Anyone else have this issue?

You may want to report that bug in the flathub bug tracker: Issues · flathub/org.audacityteam.Audacity · GitHub

Thanks. Just reported it.

The problem is related to Wayland. If it is enabled in flatpak for Audacity there is the problem with the play head, but with just X11 enabled it works properly.

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