Hi folks.

Am using a mixer to get into computer…two RCA to mini stereo jack through line in on the computer. Can hear the music fine through my monitors but when I set recording on Audacity to line-in and hit record…getting flatline when I record…no signal. What am I missing here.

Thanks for your help in advance.



We need to know what kind of computer you have, what OS you are running and what version of Audacity you are running.

– Bill

Hi Bill and thanks.

Have a Dell E 510 running Windows XP and Audacity Bet Code 1.3. Plenty of memory. Running the signal from a Vintage turntable Technics SL 3200 DD…into an Audio Technica Mixer Model AM 150…can hear the music fine…but again no recording signal…flatline.

Hope this helps and again thanks very much.


Additional Info:

Recording default on Audacity is Sigma Tel Line In…soundcard…line in device is: SB Audigy D8A0.


Thanks for researching our problem…bill58…will wait to hear from you.


Have you selected “line-in” as the default in XP’s recording devices ? …

Click on this link and scroll down to “On XP or earlier”

I’m a Mac guy - I’ve handed you off to the Windows experts.

– Bill

Hi Bill and thanks…hope to hear from them soon.


Have you ticked the boxes to select “line"(in) as recording source device in Windows audio devices ? …


Yes I have. Pls see my original two posts with all my current settings.

Many thanks…


Am using SB Audigy soundcard…have Sigma Tel Line In chosen and SB Audigy for playback…stereo cable plugged into line in on back of computer. Can hear fine thru speakers…but no recording.


If the Audacity input level slider (below right, with the microphone icon) is on zero (-) that could cause flatline …


Thanks to all for your help…prob solved…dummy me…needed to have recording input into sound card…not from USB…changed setting on card and voila…

Thanks again…still learning this.

Regards to all…

Marc :mrgreen: