Flatline when recording via any mic but recognised

Hi there,

While i was putting together my last show a few weeks ago I was suddenly unable to record via my external TONOR TC30 microphone (or also the internal ones) via Audacity 3.0.5 on my Windows 10 laptop.

It had always worked fine before and I hadn’t changed any settings.

As a workaround i switched to my work laptop and that picked up the TONOR fine as it should.

I have removed and re=installed Audacity on my personal laptop and compared the settings to my work one but the problem persists.

Any help greatly appreciated otherwise I’l have to put the music together on my personal laptop and then do the mic recording on my work one then upload to google drive then download to my personal one (USB’s are disabled).

Many thanks,


I have removed and re=installed Audacity on my personal laptop

There is an Audacity setting, at least in Windows, which causes a much more thorough, clean re-install. If you don’t tick that setting, Audacity will save all configurations, settings, and adjustments, no matter how many times you install it. So if one of those is damaged, it will follow you around like an evil spirit, poisoning each install.

The Usual Suspect in this kind of problem is chat. Does this machine use Skype, Zoom or Meetings? They take over your sound system and don’t ask. It might be nice to clean out Windows. Shift+Shutdown > Wait > Start. Don’t let anything else start.


Thanks, will give the two things a try in the coming days and get back to you.