Flat Blue Line, Not Recording

Windows 8 audacity 2.0.5

exe installer or zip? Not sure - downloaded from http://audacityteam.org/ and followed instructions.

Have been used to Audacity over the last year or so but not an experienced user - I simply use it to do the basics that I need it to do and have learned to explore the features and settings. I expect to see the sound waves as soon as something is playing on my computer - this is what I’ve become used to.

However, after loading in the new version as above (to go with my new computer) I’m disappointed that it doesn’t seem to automatically pick up - I’m just getting a blue flat line when I hit record. I have input and output volumes up near the full on mark.

Have tried poking around in edit, but no success thus far.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

What exactly are you trying to record?

Audio from You Tube on this occasion.

I know I could do it another way, but I’d really just like to have my control back over recording anything streaming on my computer.

Yes it would be quicker and better quality to download the file, but…

Choose the Windows WASAPI host (in the first box in the device toolbar) and then the (loopback) input in the Input (recording)Device box. Choose the loopback input for the computer sound device you will be listening to (for example, “Speakers (loopback)” ).

Absolutely sound as a pound.

Cheers feller.

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I said thanks a few hours ago but it doesn’t seem to have been posted… so I’ll say it again…

Cheers feller.