FLAC Export Could Not Open.....

Need some help here… Just indexed a show and went to export FLAC files (tried WAV and MP3 too) and received an error " FLAC Export Couldn’t Open/users/…"

I am using Yosemite and have never seen this error before.

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you put punctation marks in the filename? Try it once without that.

Try exporting to your Desktop instead of a special folder.

You may have permissions issues:

Go > Utilities > Disk Utilities.
Select your drive and Verify Drive and then Repair Permissions.


OMG! Thanks Koz… I have know about the punctuation marks issue FOREVER! Just didn’t notice it in the first track and thought there was something overall wrong with the export/destination.

Thanks again…foot in mouth!

That’s never happened to me…