FLAC - bith depth when doing macro, artworks

Hi, i really like Audacity, but is needs some improvements in my opinion. I’m using Audacity 3.1.0

Imagine, that i have few thousand FLAC files, and i want to normalize and cut silence in each of them. I created a macro, then run this macro for testing purpose on few files. And first problem occurs - it save all files with 16 bit depth by default, there is no option for that to set it for auto detect. I have half files with 16 bit, and half with 24 bit. To do it right, i need to find and copy somwhere else all 16 bit and do all that files with macro, and rest files, with 24 bit, do manually one by one - a lot of work, and one macro can do it a lot faster

Second problem - artworks. I know, that for now audacity is not supporting artworks. All my files have artworks, and when i run that macro, all artworks will be deleted, and to put all artworks back in, manually, gonna take ages…
Any chance will this be implemented soon?

More likely to be implemented eventually.

If this is a real job and not just hypothetical, I’d suggest that you search Google for batch format conversion software. (Foobar2000 is one possibility to check out).

Ok, thx for info. Gonna search for batch conversion software/try foobar2000.