Fixing Uneven Channels Without Adding Noise

Hey all,

I am in the process of editing a bunch of live mixer recordings (WAV) from various shows. Some of the recordings are fine, but there are others where the right channel audio is about 25db lower than the left channel. I have tried splitting the tracks and then amplifying the right channel, but it adds a ton of noise to the overall recording.

Are there any other efficient ways to even out the audio from this recording without adding so much noise? Im currently on Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.2.

uneven channels.JPG

You don’t actually have two channels. You have one channel and a mistake. Make a protection copy of the work. I’m going to suggest permanent changes.

Split the performance into Mono. Drop-down Menu on the left > Split Stereo to Mono.

[x] Delete the bad track. Duplicate what’s left Control-D.

Drop-down menu > Make Stereo Track.

It will sound flat compared to the full stereo songs, but it won’t be noisy. You can create “fake stereo” and it’s possible nobody may ever know.

If this is a theatrical production and one actor is only on one side, then no, that’s not going to work and this is suddenly much more difficult.