Fixing sound like a biscuit tin


I am completely new to the world of Audio manipulation so don’t understand any of the terminology, so please do bear with me. I have an audio track that sounds as though it was recorded in a biscuit tin, how do I make it sound normal? I have tried with the amplify function and this has made it louder (naturally!) and the bass and treble function didn’t help much either.

Any ideas for the layman please?

There may not be a whole lot you can do… Pro’s still record in soundproof studios with good equipment because there are limits to what you can do to fix-up the recording in software (even with pro software).

Try the Equalization effect -

In the Equalizer window, click the Graphic EQ button to show the sliders. An equalizer is like a fancy bass/treble control with each slider representing a narrow frequency band. bass (low frequencies) is on the left and high frequencies are on the right.

Experiment with one slider at a time and click the Preview button, and try to find the ones that affect the tin can sound the most. When you find the offending frequency bands, pull those sliders all the way down. I’m guessing a “tin can sound” will be mostly in the nod-low frequencies (maybe somewhere between 400Hz and 2000Hz. But, I’m just guessing and equalization may not help at all…

Try one slider at a time first, then go back an pull-down the ones that helped. It may also be helpful to push the sliders up to find-out which frequency bands make it worse. Then, pull those down when you’re done with the experiment.

If the sound is too dry, Reverb might help too.

If you need more help, please attach a sample of the problem before you make modifications. See How to post an audio sample.