Fixing problematic waveform

Hi all,
I would like to fix the following problem of my speech sound files. The problem is that the waveform is deviated, probably affected by the ‘ffffff’ sound and being too close to the microphone.
Any suggestions on how to save this problem??
bad waveform.PNG
Thank you very much.

The blue waves are not always the only thing needed to diagnose a problem. Please post some of the actual sound.

Set up for a normal reading and produce a forum test.

You can also select and export existing work, but you also have to get some silent room tone in there and that’s not always easy with an existing performance.

Also see:


If you’re too close to the microphone, you could be causing P Pops and other low pitch noises. That’s a serious problem, but it’s not nearly as serious as not being able to hear them. How are you listening to the work? Only the better sound systems and some headphones let you hear very low pitch sounds like rumble, thunder and earthquakes. It’s suspicious the blue waves seem to show that problem, but you didn’t mention it at all in the question.

No, FFFF sounds don’t cause that.