Fixing poor samplerate

Hello, I have some podcasts that sounds like if it was recorded with a too low sample rate, it sounds like on an antique telephone line or so, and it is quite displeasinq to listen, are there any audacity effect or pluging that could fix this a little bit?

Much more likely they were created with MP3 at too low a bitrate. That has a cellphone or talking into a wine glass sound.

We can’t fix either one.


Well, I knew it was not going to be possible to increase the “resolution” of it, I was thinking more as some smoothing of it, like increasing the resolution of a low resolution picture by interpolation, you will not actually have more detail, but at least you don’t have to see the pixels as squares, they are smoothed and all are more pleasing to see, for this I asked myself if there was something equivalent to this that could be made with that “pixelated” sound.

While digital images may often serve as a useful analogy when talking about digital audio, the analogy eventually falls down. This is one such case. Low sample rate audio does not become “pixelated”. A better analogy for sample rate is vector graphics, where more “points” allow the line to wiggle more rapidly. High sample rates allow higher audio frequencies to be represented.

If the audio that you are referring to sounds “pixelated”, then that is not caused by a low sample rate, it is caused by something else. A low sample rate causes audio to sound “muffled” due to the loss of high frequencies.

It’s difficult to comment further as we are just guessing at what you might mean by “antique phone” and “pixelated”.
Perhaps you could post a short audio sample to demonstrate the problem. See: