Fixing oversound

Is there a way to fix, or tune a recording where the microphone slides beyond the audio input it can take? I am not sure of the right term for this, so I attached a screenshot with the graph in audacity. You can see how the curved is messed up. Is there a way to make it “cuved” again? It sort of goes beyond 0db making a pointy edge. I mean we can guess how it should have looked, maybe there is a function that could fix this.

This is called “clipping” - and ideally you should aim to set your levels so that clipping doesn’t occur - it sounds horrible and its’s often not psooble to fix. Tapes were a little more foorginving you could push the odd peak or two into the red and the physics of tape technology would take car of that - but as you have founf digital technology is very unforgiving of clipping.

Your damaged sample is very small - so if you are using Audacity 1.3, then you can try using the Repair effect which will repair upt to 128 sound samples by interp[olating from the neighbouring waveforms.

IIRC there have been some recent threads on fixing clipping - try the Search function on the forum.