Fixing Noisey Audio

I video recorded an American football game. It was wickedly windy out. My video is great but the
audio is terrible.

Is there a way using Audacity to remove the “wind” noise and leave the crowd noise?
I am new to this so tell me like I’m a 5th grader!! :slight_smile:



There’s not a great deal you can do, but one thing that probably will help is to use the Equalizer effect and lower the lowest frequencies (below about 150Hz) to minimum. This will at least remove some of the deep bass wind noise that is no doubt booming away on your recording. You may need to experiment with different roll-off frequencies to get the best result.

If you have a “high pass filter” installed, this will probably work better, again rolling off the low frequencies below about 150 Hz.

If you feel adventurous, you could select the track, then choose “Nyquist Prompt” from the effects menu and enter this text in the box and apply:

(setq cutoff 150)
(if (arrayp s)
(vector (highpass8 (aref s 0) cutoff)(highpass8 (aref s 1) cutoff))
(highpass8 s cutoff))

This code produces a sharp cut-off frequency at 150 Hz.
To remove more bass, change the number “150” to a higher value.
To remove less bass, change the number “150” to a smaller value.