I have a IMA WAV ADPCM file which is corrupt, probably because I forgot to properly close it. its is very important interview. I have been trying to close the file on audacity and adobe audition CC, but they do not have IMA WAV ADPCM library, can any one here help me with fixing the file.

Some one please help me fix the file. I will be highly grateful.

It seems to be badly corrupted, but you may be able to get something from it. Here it is converted to a standard (PCM) WAV (221.42MB):

Thank you so much steve for the help. Do you know of any way I can add “IMA WAV ADPCM” library to Audocity, or Adobe CC.

Audacity already imports IMA ADPCM files with WAV extension.

For support with Adobe products, contact Adobe.


I have a similar problem, one of my interview files did not save properly so now it wouldn’t open in VLC until I imported it in Audacity as raw file, encoding with VOX ADPCM (and sample rate adjusted to 48000hz). I read from another post that choosing VOX ADPCM is not the right thing to do if the file itself has been encoded with IMA WAV ADPCM Audio (ms). Indeed, I can open the interview file now but there is too much noise so I am not able to transcribe from it.

I wonder if the solution has changed somewhat since these problems were last posted?

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