fixed volume setting

Is there any way to set and save the volume setting? The default is maximum and I’m constantly having to reset it. I’m trying to be as consistent as possible with my recordings. Is there any way to save a recording profile?

The question is why your recording volume doesn’t stick. I record a radio show each week and use my computer for a million other jobs between shows. Each Saturday I sit down and my Audacity recording volume is exactly where I left it, the high end of 0.6.

Do you use Skype or other conferencing software? They’re famous for viciously resetting sound volume and forgetting to put it back.

You posted in a segment of the forum where we can’t tell anything about you. You’re on a Mac, right? Give us the machine details remembering we can’t see you.


The computer I use for Audacity has no Skype installed. There is some sort of webex ap and an IP phone ap, but neither are ever used when I have audacity running. The only thing running with Audacity would be either Word or Powerpoint since I record small script files, and read text.