fixed position of toolbars in menu upper dock

Is it possible, once you have place all upper toolbars in the upper dock to your best convenience, to pin them fixed, non floatable any more in this dock, so that whatever you do with the audacity window then, you keep your prefered toolbars setup ?

Audacity will automatically arrange toolbars to (attempt to) keep all docked toolbars visible. This feature cannot be turned off.

You could float (un-dock) all toolbars, then you would be able to resize the main Audacity window without the toolbars moving, but I would not recommend doing this.


Thank you for your answer. Is it possible then to reconfigure the default toolbars placement in some config file of audacity so that I can always restore my preferred toolbar arrangement?

Audacity should retain your layout automatically. The toolbars will be moved around to fit if you resize the Audacity window, but on restoring the original size the toolbars should resume their original places without you having to do anything.

Not without rebuilding Audacity from a modified source code.

You could save a backup copy of your “audacity.cfg” file (the Audacity Preferences file) and restore that backup to restore the settings.

Theoretically it is possible to create a plug-in to save and restore the layout, but it would be quite a lot of work - probably more effort than you would want to put into it.

Ok, I see. Thanks anyway. I’ll test the restore situation.