Fixed/locked Audio zones experiment?

Hi Audacity Community,
I´m experimenting with Audacity these days. I have this eprom chip called 27C128, which has a max capacity of 16384 bytes.

• I want to split the 16384 bytes into 5 fixed/locked zones.
• The zone sizes are not equal size
• I want to be able to drag & drop .wav files into the different zones
• Afterward I want to export it as one file merged as one .wav

My device should then be able to read off the different zones [Start trigger], when I burn the .wav back into an 27C128 eprom chip.

Is above possible or is there a better way today it?

Why are you asking the “Audacity community”? Your question appears to be unrelated to Audacity. Audacity runs on PC and Mac, not on embedded systems.