Fix Garbled Audio in Audacity 2.4.2

Hello friends,

I recorded some audio on my iPhone using TW Recorder. Half sounded great - the second half was garbled. I have the idea that some kind of effect might have been applied without my knowledge. I work in Audacity quite a bit and was hoping there is some way to clean up the audio or reverse the effect that was applied. I have a link with an example of the sound. Thanks for your help.

So there are others who are proficient in this area. My guess is that the damage is totally unrecoverable. Increasing the bass while decreasing the overall volume seems to make the noise slightly less distracting.

Twisted Wave Recorder? Were was the performer? In front of the phone or as part of a call?

Has it ever done that before and does it do it now if you make a new test recording?

Were you running low on battery?

I’m with the non-recoverable folk. Can you get the performer to do it again?

Do you have a second, backup recording? I’ve been known to double-record important performances.

The Hollywood Desperation Method is find someone with a similar voice and perform it again. The quality is high enough to transcribe the words.


Do you have any trouble transferring sound tracks out of your iPhone and into Audacity which, we assume, is in your Mac? That transfer isn’t the most fun.


One more. If you did transfer it, does it sound OK on your phone?


Hello and thank you for the reply. Since posting this request, I tried out Clip Fix in Audacity, repeating it 10 times in hopes of restoring the audio (set at 100% Threshold of Clipping and a 0 reduction of amplitude each time. This did not seem to help.

Jademan, I attempted your suggested fix - increasing the bass and reducing the volume. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of warble.

I’d like to answer your questions, kozikowski. Thanks everyone for the help.

The performer was just me. It was an ad-libbed audio reading.

I have seen this glitch pop up before, recording on my iPhone with the Twisted Wave Recorder. Last time, I re-recorded the audio, not knowing how to fix it. This time I wanted to see if there was any alternative. Not sure why it happened this time or last time. The speed of the audio also increased - I could fix that part by changing the speed in Audacity (slowed it down by 20%). The warble, however, is still a mystery to me.

I am unsure if I was running low on battery. Possibly?

I could record it again, but would prefer a way to repair the audio or at least take the edge off of the warble.

I don’t have trouble moving audio from this program to my (Windows) computer. I do this with Dropbox and have been successful with this method for several years (and over 100 podcasts!). This warble is new. Don’t know why it is (sometimes) popping up in my audio.

It did not sound OK on the phone (Twisted Wave Recorder). The warble was present there also. Kind of hoping Audacity might have an effect that I could use to temper the issue. It is possible to apply effects in Twisted Wave Recorder directly to the audio as well, but it is not a well documented program. I never do editing on that, instead moving it to my Windows computer and editing in Audacity.

Thanks for all the ideas, questions, and help!

Anyone else have ideas for me? For repairing the audio or else softening the damage?