Fix for WASAPI not working with 7.1 USB headsets

This a workaround for the problem I had two months ago and reported here. I hope it might be useful to you.

1- Download voicemeeter banana;
2- Set voicemeeter VAIO input as output device in windows;
3- Go to that control panel audio playback devices, right click voicemeeter vaio input and config it as a 7.1 headphone.;
4- On “hardware output” section in voicemeeter banana app set A1 output to your headphones;
5- Voicemeeter will redirect your audio back to your headphones and then to a B1 virtual microphone called “voicemeeter VAIO output”. Go to “master section”, localize B1 and click on “normal mode”, changing it to “mix down A”. Now B1 will output stereo instead of 7.1.;
6- Make sure your headset is still 7.1 with audios found here (voicemeeter app will show channels’ intensity on “master section”. If 7.1 is not working, try to restart Voicemeeter and repeat step 3;
7- Select voicemeeter VAIO output as your microphone on audacity and call it a go.

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