Fix for a violin recording from an echo-y church hall?

Using Audacity 2.1.2 on Windows 7 64 bit Service pack 1*

I recorded the violin tune using my phone. I tried in vain to reduce the echo with Noise Reduction. Most other posts say take a Noise Profile but that didnt help because the tune is causing the echo. Is there another way kill off the echo?

Thanks for reading.

The posts will say to take as Noise Profile the reverb after a loud note.

You can also try Isolate Centre in Vocal Reduction and Isolation.

You can spend a few hundred dollars on a professional deverb plugin. It is not an easy or automatic task.


:frowning: I say, chalk it up to a valuable lesson learned. The amount of reverb that sounds great live when it comes from all directions around you sounds unnatural coming from a pair of speakers in your living room. You may not have even noticed the reverb when you were making the recording because it sounded natural in that room.

Next time, get close to the source for a higher direct-to-reflected ratio. Getting closer to the source will also reduce room/audience noise. You can always add (artificial) reverb later if there’s not enough in the recording. That’s a good rule for audio production… It’s easy to add, but sometimes impossible to subtract…

I generally post that you can’t take echoes out in post production. It’s number one in the guaranteed ways to kill a show.

The Four Horsemen of Audio Recording (reliable, time-tested ways to kill your show)
– 1. Echoes and room reverberation (Don’t record the show in your mum’s kitchen.)
– 2. Overload and Clipping (Sound that’s recorded too loud is permanently trashed.)
– 3. Compression Damage (Never do production in MP3.)
– 4. Background Sound (Don’t leave the TV on in the next room.)

Mp3 are the worst sound format. They sound empty and lifeless.