Fit view to selection, and vice versa?

Ctrl-E by default zooms the view to fit the selection.

Um, is there a command to do the opposite? Select (within the focussed tracks) exactly what you are viewing? I can’t find it. It might be convenient.

You mean an option to “Select visible”?
No, there isn’t that option.

I’ll move this post to the “feature request” section of the forum.

If I had a “Play Visible” I don’t think I would find any need for a “Select Visible”.

Perhaps Region Save and Restore will satisfy my wants. I need to bind them to keys for convenience and make more use of them. I often select something, listen, zoom in on a little flaw and fix it, then I want to restore my zoom and listen again. That means zoom-out plus this nonexistent command … or just region restore, if I region-save before the zoom-in.