First track sounds clearer than others

Hello everybody. I’m using Audacity 2.0.5 for windows 7 to record short affirmations for a project that I’m putting together. My problem is that when I record the second, third, fourth track ect. the play back isn’t as clear as the first recorded track. All my settings are the same but only the first recorded track sounds noticeably more clear than all the others. Even the hiss of the computer fan sounds clearer on the first track. Any info about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

Turn off all Windows sound enhancements: .

If that does not help, tell us exactly how you are recording (make and model number of the microphone and how it connects to the computer), and in what application you are playing back the recordings and what playback device you use to do that.

Are these subsequent recordings that sound bad all in the same project window, underneath the first good recording? Are you exporting each recording on its own?


Thanks a ton for the help . I’ll be implementing the steps shortly :smiley: As for now I’m speaking directly into the built in mic on the laptop.