First track ok, 2nd track is 1 octave lower on new Windows10

Hi guys, need some help.

I’ve been recording on Audacity before with no problems on my laptop. I record my guitar through the USB interface of Line 6 Helix. Recently, I refreshed my system on the same laptop with the new Windows 10, and reinstalled Audacity current version of 2.1.3. With my new recordings, first track seems to be okay, but the 2nd, 3rd and so forth tracks are 1 note (or 1 octave?) lower, but with the same tempo. There are seemingly some skip beats too. Been looking online for answers but I can’t find any. Can someone help me with solutions? Is there a way I can fix the already recorded tracks? Much thanks!

Hardware, software and drivers need to be Windows 10 Compliant. Windows 10 is a new OS, it’s not a simple upgrade. The product needs to specifically say so, not just “OK for Windows.”


If problems persist after obtaining Windows 10 drivers and firmware for your Helix, note that Line 6 may be adding pitch change effects that you need to turn off


Thanks for this reply. I am trying to figure out and resolve compatibility issues. Would you offer some help where to start? And will I be able to fix the recorded lower tuned tracks?

Hi Gale. I’m not using any pitch change effects. First track is recorded as expected, but the succeeding tracks are tuned lower. If I record and save into another file name or audacity project, first track always works fine, the others not.

You seems to be uncertain whether it is “1 octave”. Why is that?

And exactly how do you know Line 6 is not running effects? See the link.


Have you been to the most obvious place first - the Line 6 site? Helix does appear to support Windows 10 now. Follow these instructions: If you need help, ask Line 6, not us.

Perhaps if it is a question of mismatched sample rates, but get the drivers and firmware correct first. That might fix it.


And will I be able to fix the recorded lower tuned tracks?

If you mean repair your existing track because it’s the only one you’ll ever do, select the track by clicking just above MUTE. Effect > Change Pitch.

That might not work if the performance is one octave off. That can correct a note or two.


By the way, if you mixed the two tracks together, you’re dead. This only works if the two tracks are on separate blue waves. We can’t split a mixed track apart into separate voices, instruments or sounds.


I figured it out that it is just a half-step lower, not 1 octave lower. So my instrument is standard tuned, then the recording was Eb. Also noticed some split-second skip beats.

By the way, aside from the track being recorded 1 half-step (not 1 octave as I have figured it out) lower, there also noticeable skip beats and tempo changes after every couple of seconds or so… Track playback seems to momentarily slows down then fasten up…

The bug described in #23 here may be relevant:

Try setting the default sample rate in Audacity to 48000 Hz (in “Edit menu > Preferences > Quality”)
Also set the device to 48000 Hz in the Windows Sound Control Panel.
Then close and restart Audacity, and make a test recording.