First track is interfering with other tracks

Hello! I’m having an issue where after I record a first track, the second track does record audio but at the parts where there is audio in the first track, the second track’s audio gets muted. So for example, if the first track said “ABC,” and the second track said “ABCDE,” the only thing I can actually hear during playback from track 2 is “…DE.”

I’ve got my headphones plugged in, so I don’t think it’s sound interference from the computer itself (that was what I had initially thought), but beyond that I’m at a loss. It could be something simple, but I am not super tech savvy. Really hard to record harmonies when I have to record the harmonies completely separately from the melody.

Anyone have any ideas?

So I’m trying to draw a mental image of what your issue could possibly be and I am coming up blank.

What exactly is it you are trying to accomplish? What are you recording, and where from? How do your record your first track? How do you record your second track. Are you trying to follow any tutorials?