First Timer - Recording Windows Audio + USB Mic Issues

I’ve just been seeing if I can get Audacity to record any audio I stream over the internet - no dice.

I do expect that one to work.

You can’t leave any of those internet communications services or gaming running in the background. Sometimes, they leave adjustments and settings behind even after they close.

Clean start the machine. Shift+Shutdown > Wait > Start. Not Restart and not regular Shutdown. That takes longer, but it resets and closes more things.

This is our publication for recording streaming audio.

Any of that work? If that fails, doing anything more complicated is going to be a very uphill battle.

Your friend is a celebrity unicorn. He pushed a couple of buttons got fresh coffee and everything started working. Yours, however, is normal. We had that happen earlier when the goal was recording Skype. One of the forum posters pushed a couple of buttons, etc. etc. and everything started working. Nobody else with a pulse and heartbeat could replicate his success. He’s looking at us like we’re nuts.

Communications programs like Meeting, Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom take over your computer sound services. They have to. They have impossible goals. They have to maintain live, hands-free, multi-point, bi-directional conversations with no feedback or distortion. You can’t do that on a computer with uncontrolled settings, so they take over.

Enter you with conflicting goals. “I need to record the far side microphone(s), game sound and music, and my microphone. I still need to be able to hear them and they need to hear me.” Count the sound pathways? Normal computers only have two. Record my microphone and play Youtube sound.

Audacity will only record from one thing or device at a time. That usually defaults to your microphone.

There was one show where the connections and pathways got so balled up that the service software flash-stopped the conversation, reset the connections without the extra recording pathways and started up again.

So it seems like this is a piffle if you can only find the right buttons and settings, what you have now is normal.

Does Hangouts have a recording service? Both Skype and Zoom do. As long as they’re doing it on their servers, chances of success go way up.

Post back if you do get something to work and how you did it.


Google seems to think this is a matter of pushing a few buttons.