First time using. need HELP!!!!

Need to start making mixtapes. Just downloaded the software but some reason can’t get it to work. Can some one give me a walk through please. I’m using it off my usb turntables.

How far are you getting? What are you having trouble with?

If you are having trouble recording try [u]here[/u]. Plug-in your USB turntable before starting Audacity, and then select the USB turntable as your recording device.

I’m using it off my usb turntables.

Turntable**S**? More than one?

You can generally only record from one “device” at a time.

I pull it up but it won’t let me do anything when I start playing music. It won’t let me post the picture but I’m at the main screen but can’t/don’t know how to set it up. I’m not the most computer savvy individual.

Please provide more information, including the information requested in the pink box near the top of the page.

Sorry but that does not tell us anything useful.
Are you able to launch (start) Audacity?
Have you read this part of the Audacity manual?

Ok so I recorded a quick 15 minute mix. But when I play it back there is no sound.

We cannot see your computer. So we cannot help you unless you are prepared to answer the questions we ask and give us sufficient information to go on. :wink:

What version of Audacity are you using? See the pink panel at the top of this page.

Is it a USB turntable? If so try setting the playback or output device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar to the computer speakers or headphones that you are using.

Here is what Device Toolbar looks like in Audacity 2.0.x versions, with a red border drawn around it so that you can recognise it:

Change the box in Device Toolbar that has the speaker icon to the computer speakers or headphones that you are using.