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Got a Vibe Sound VS-2002-SPK turntable for XMAS and I’m trying to hook it to an iMac. OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan with Audacity 2.1.0. I see a USB PnP Audio Device and can monitor with Audacity. What I want to do is transfer audio from the turntable to an mp3 file on the computer.
How do I do this?

Yes, it is a USB audio device as confirmed by Amazon.

If you can hear the sound then most of the hard work is done. Connecting can be magic, particularly as you found, the software name and the hardware name of the same thing can be different.

This is the graduate level course and covers everything, but scroll down until you get to the portions that apply to you.

For example, here is a portion of the above link.


Thanks, I have a recording now. Had to use LineIn.
Now I’ll figure out how to save a file. :laughing:

Had to use LineIn.

You should not need to do that with a USB turntable, but OK. If that’s what works. You’re lucky you still had a Stereo Line-In. Newer Macs don’t. Make sure it is stereo, the two blue waves are slightly different or even greatly different. If the up and down blue waves are identical, or you only have one blue wave and not two, then you really don’t have a Stereo connection on your iMac and you’re not getting a good transfer.

Audacity will not Save a sound file. It only saves Projects. To get a sound file you have to File > Export one. Use WAV (Microsoft) and not MP3 or anything else. The Audacity default WAV is the same quality as an Audio CD, so the transfer to CD should be perfect.

Oh, wait. You didn’t say you wanted a CD. You wanted MP3. It is recommended you Export WAV anyway and use those as the vinyl archive. You can convert WAV to anything else at any time.

Then File > Export: MP3. You will need to install the optional Lame software to make new MP3s. Audacity will open MP3s all day long, but making a new one is a particular licensing problem.


Hardware or software?

I mean lineIn as in the connection on your Mac, or LineIn, the application?

For the app, see Rogue Amoeba: