First Time Setup

I’m a bit of a novice so this will probably be a no-brainer for you to answer! Trying to connect a Shure SM58 mic to my Mac Mini OSX v.10.6.8. Preparing to create recorded vocals (speech, single track) only. Can you please advise the best way to do this, as I obviously need some hardware to get started. Recommendations are much appreciated! Thank you!

You need a microphone preamp, preferably with an XLR connector to mate with your SM58.

I have no experience with these and can’t recommend them, but here’s some examples:

Or google “USB Microphone Preamp”.

– Bill

Thanks, Bill! I’ll check out the links. I’m thinking the USB/XLR cable might be my solution. Much appreciated!

Yes, that would be the simplest way to go, but be aware that it is painfully basic. You can’t reach over and turn it up a little or make other corrections. Everything has to be done in Audacity or other audio program in post production. Audacity has no real-time controls. Almost more important, you can’t turn it down, either. If you get too loud, that’s the end of the show. There are no tools or filters to recover from overloading, crunchy, harsh audio.

Have you ever recorded before? Many people are shocked how much of their room gets into their recordings. You can’t take out echoes in post production and you can’t remove the Metro Bus outside the window or the dog barking.