First time editor in Audacity

Greetings -

So, I am new to audacity, but I do have experience in editing using Adobe/Premiere/Da Vanici. I have a question, regarding some fundamentals and I apologize for the naiveness of this question.

In Adobe, for example, you create a timeline and then move clips to said timeline. In Audacity, do you create one track and move clips to that track, or do you just keep importing tracks and then make adjustments to which ones play at which times or do you use one master track that you move all usable content to?

Again, I apologize if this is really dumb.

Thanks for your help.

It largely depends on what the job is.

On importing an audio file, a new track is created automatically for that file.
The benefit of retaining each separate track, is that it provides greater freedom for positioning the audio clips (they can be overlapped), and you can easily adjust the levels of each track individually.

I would usually mix down all tracks to a single track prior to exporting. This is important if tracks overlap, as it allows you to see the level of the mix prior to exporting (so that you can adjust it if necessary). If I intend to save the project, I will generally undo the mix prior to saving, so that I’ve still got separate tracks if I need to come back to the project to work on it some more.